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Re: Mosquitos über Berlin. Nachtjagd mit der Messerschmitt Bf 109 und Me 262

Quoting Corto: "Das einzige was mir bei VDM etwas Sorge bereitet ist die Druckqualität (gerade die Bilder) Da hat IMHO Herr Urbanke (Luftwaffe Verlag Start) die Latte hoch gehängt."

What he was saying is that he is a bit worried about the quality of the printed version, especially the images. And that Axel Urbanke has set a rather high standard on those.

On a personal note: I have been considering running this as a self-published version and actually grabbed my proof-reading copies off two different book-in-demand suppliers.

VDM is preparing an offset print and I will be in the nice position to directly compare the quality of the two side by side, especially looking at the images

One needs to keep in mind though that the images used are 70+ years old in many cases and the quality of the original image is already limited. But we will see...

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