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Re: Crashes in Belgium 1941

Hi Tiffie,

Wellington T2992 of 214 Squadron crashed in Belgium on the 7/8th July 41 according to BCL vol 2.

Whitley T4231 of 10 Squadron crashed in Belgium on the 26th July. From BCL vol2.

A possible Hampden on the 29th , AE159 from 50 Squadron lost without trace following a mine opp over Keil Bay. Again from BCL vol 2.

Hampden AD918 crashed near Brussels on the 25/26th August. Also BCL vol 2.

There could well be more in vol 2 that are listed but with "lost without trace " no further details given, perhaps not known.

looked in FCL's but found nothing, doesn't mean there were none though.

All the best.

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