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Losses of GRB No. 1 "Lorraine" in North Africa

I was wondering if anyone has perhaps a list of losses (airplane and crew - KIA, WIA or Survivors) of the famous Free French Groupe de Bombardement N°1 "Lorraine" during its deployment in North Africa in support of the 8th British Army, i.e. from October 1941 to October 1942 with an emphasize on the losses which occurred around or during the El-Alamein battle. I have recently met a man whose uncle served with this group. Interesting thing is that he served at first with the Légion étrangèr in Syria (probably 6th REI) - he was non-French - and then joined the Free French Groupe de Bombardement N°1 "Lorraine" in Damascus as radio (wireless) operator and stayed with it until the end of the war and was demobilised as sergent-chef in Paris in 1946.
His airplane was shot down during the battle of El-Alamein (or at least he claimed so, exact place and date unknown) and he was the sole survivor. The pilot was killed and he managed to survive a week in the desert until he was found half-dead by Allied patrol and brought to a hospital in Alexandria (Egypt).

I am hoping his nephew will scan some of his photos from that time.

Any help would be deeply appreciated.

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