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As for pointing "Aviateurs de la Liberté", I guess you know the name of the man you are searching, but this book will show you all human losses of GB1 during 1942 and that will narrow your research. The name of survivor may also be mentionned (don't remember if this is always the case, it was for the cases I was interested in).
Yes, I do have the name of the man I am searching for (check your pm) but as I said I don't think I should look for the names of casualties, because he was not casualty in the strict meaning of the word if you know what I mean. He barely survived that crash though, but did survive. The information that the names of survivors are also mentioned is very encouraging and I thank you for telling me this.

Laurent, you will probably know this... Where can my friend (nephew of this man) find or order his personal service records? In SHAT or... :?: Do we need to follow any special procedures (only family members, fee ...)?

BTW: Your name sounds familiar to me. Have we already met on some other forum?

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