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Re: Searching for informations 22.11.1943

Hi Bernd

Don't think the plane is K-OS, as only the pilot was killed.....

"DS764 took part in the following Key Operations: Hannover 18/19Oct43; Berlin 18/19Nov43; Berlin 22/23Nov43-Lost When lost this aircraft had a total of 89 hours. DS764 was one of two No.115 Sqdn Lancasters lost on this operation. See: DS782 Airborne 1740 22Nov43 from Little Snoring. Sgt Smith, who was found still at the controls of his crashed aircraft, is buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery. Sgt Deakin landed heavily and was taken to hospital with fractures of both thighs. Cause of loss and crash-site not established. Sgt H.Smith KIA Sgt E.Miller PoW Sgt F.C.Downs PoW Sgt R.Strong PoW Sgt C.Deakin PoW Sgt J.H.Ferguson RCAF PoW Sgt T.H.Scotchmer RCAF PoW Sgt C.Deakin was interned, presumably with no pre-Hospitalisation, in Camps L6/L4/L1. PoW No.1482. Sgt F.C.Downs in Camp 4B, PoW No.263668, with Sgt J.F.Ferguson, PoW No.263581, Sgt R.Strong, PoW No.263711 and Sgt T.H.Scotchmer, PoW No.263713. Sgt E.Miller in Camps 4B/L3, PoW No.263607."

I will see if I can work out which plane lost on that night is the one you are looking for

Regards from England

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