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Re: What about JFV 13?


thank you for the kind reception of JFV 13/I.

Vol. 13/II is well under way; we have changed the organisation of Part 13 in so far, that 13/II will cover Reichsverteidigung from 6 June to 31 December 1944 and beginning on 1 October 1944 with the disbandment of Lfl. 3 service in the West in parallel. Work has proceeded to 14 December 1944 as of today.

The claims and losses lists as well as the other regular tables will appear in the final volume of Part 13, most likely 13/IV, as 13/III will be reserved for the service in the West up unitl 30 September 1944 including Market Garden.

I will keep you posted.


Jochen Prien
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