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Re: RAF Fighter Command losses June 1940

Hello Robert,

Hope you find the following of interest.


Hawker Hurricane P2698- 79 Sqdn - Overshot in fog during night landing and hit dispersal pen at Biggin Hill.


Hawker Hurricane - L1897 - 6 OTU - Stalled low flying, hit ground at Upwell, Norfolk.

Hawker Hurricane - P2956 - 145 Sqdn - Hit windsock on night take off and crash landed Tangmere.


Hawker Hurricane - P3787 - 151 Sqdn - Shot down into sea off Ramsgate, Kent.

Others that may be of interest to you are -


Supermarine Spitfire - 222 Sqdn - damaged by cannon shell on night interception, crash landed near Hemswell.

Supermarine Spitfire - 603 Sqdn - cannot find details.


Hawker Hurricane - N2704 - 607 Sqdn - Stalled dived into ground 1/2 mile S of Sedgfield, Co Durham. DBF.

Supermarine Spitfire - N3190 - 602 sqdn - Abandoned over Pentland Hills, Midlothian.


Hawker Hurricane -P3778 - 17 Sqdn - Unauthorised flight by a non pilot, crashed near Quendon, Newport, Essex, DBf.

Could find nothing else, would be interested to hear of the 603 Sqdn loss on the 25/26th.

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