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Re: Frontreparaturbetrieb GL 2565 Junkers


Thank you, have added RL 20/300 to 302 to my list of records to look out for. Price tag for visits is not appealing (not a realistic platform), in the sense of going there in person, unless some dramatic source of funding can be found..

My visits to "Archives" are planned; I indentify what records to look at beforehand, and look at them first, if gaps occurr, I use that time for exploitation of other items, getting near 95% results on first visit. Second visit I plan same way (adding better realistic time frame) and had time surplus. Key docs (only concentrated ones) I order(ed) copies of. Luftwaffe (BA-MA docs) I have ordered copies of, not going there. However indexing of BAMA records seem not "very exact" (sorry not meant be offending, but thats how it looks) - and NOT having real item inventory lists online is surprising - so need info before ordering, not ordering and then find nothing there (of interest). I have experiance of ordering USAAF units docs, but have not exploited possibility of getting Lw docs from there.

Itīs just me, that is not in the correct country!

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