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Flieger Uffz Rolf Enders

Working my way thru a set of index cards used by the Germans in Denmark to record those they laid to rest in Jylland, Denmark this flyer has come up:
Flieger Unteroffizier Rolf Enders born on 21/6-1923.
Truppenteil: Frontfliegersammelgruppe Quedlinburg.
Erk. M.: 6./Flg.Ausb. Rgt. 24 Nr 117.
On 12.9.44 he was found washed ashore on the beach of Faarup Klit south of Lökken. Reason for death: Tod durch Ertrinken. Flugzeugsturz.
He was laid to rest in Frederikshavn cemetery.

Kriegsgräberfürsorge gives the day of finding him as his death date.
Does anyone have any idea about where he belonged and what happened and when ?
Soren Flensted

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