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Re: Flieger Uffz Rolf Enders

Interesting case. I have the following loss:
1944-06-10, 2./NJG 7, Ju 88 A-4, 301464, D9+FK, Raum Paris
Flugzeugführer Olt Rösemeier, Rudolf, vermißt
Beobachter Uffz Enders, Rolf, (* 1923-06-21) vermißt
Bordfunker Uffz Hensel, Heinrich, vermißt
Bordschütze Ofw Böhlke, Alfred, vermißt
Absturz infolge Nachtjägerbeschuß. Bruch 100 %.

According to I/NJG 7 was at that time at Fl.Pl. Münster-Handorf. If this Ju 88 was operating on Paris area, how one of the crew ends up at Denmark. It is possible only if the aircraft was shot down over the North Sea. Can anyone confirm location of this loss, perhaps from British nightfighter claim list?
Also the EKM is strage. He should have had EKM 51597/109 and not that old one. Maybe the number was found in some documents and not from a dogtag.

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