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Re: Claims and losses JG51

Thanks for your replies.Very nice datas.
We know more about claims Ofw. Horst Petzschler from Stab JG 51?
Her reported shot down seven soviet planes in Westpreussen area:
one in February 1945:
1 La-5 28 February 1945 SE Graudenz
and six in March 1945 (but witchout daily datas):
1 IL-2m3 March 1945 SW-Zinlen(Zinten?)
1 Yak-9 March 1945 NW Danzig
1 IL-2m3 March 1945 SO-Preuss Stargard
1 LaGG-7 March 1945 SO-Gotenhaven
1 Yak-3 March 1945 S-Danzig
1 Yak-3 March 1945 NW-Gotenhaven
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