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Birth/Death details of non Ritterkreuz 50+ aces

Hi Guys

There were twenty-four aces who claimed more than fifty confirmed victories, but were never awarded the Ritterkreuz, and are therefore somewhat overlooked, and some are obscure, can anybody please help with dates of birth/death, some I know, some I know only to have survived the war. Grateful for any assistance....

Karl Fuchs 65 confirmed(one West) ?-10th October 1943.
Helmut Mischke 62+ confirmed ?-survived.
Karlheinz Meltzer 62 confirmed 23rd February 1922-14th August 1943.
Hans Ellendt 62 confirmed ?-survived.
Heinrich Dittlmann 61 confirmed 1921-23rd February 1944.
Gerhard Beutin 60 confirmed ?-25th June 1943.
Helmut Haberda 59 confirmed 3rd February 1922-8th May 1943.
Karl munz 59 confirmed(five West, one viermot) 29th April 1915-3rd December 1992.
Gabriel Tautscher 58 confirmed 1919-12th January 1944.
Adolf Nehrig c.58 confirmed ?-survived.
Manfred Eberwein c.56 confirmed(1 viermot) ?-survived.
Helmut Holtz 56 confirmed 1919-18th April 1944.
Wilhelm Hauswith 56 confirmed ?-5th July 1943.
Horst Forbrig 56 confirmed(1 West) 1921-12th June 1944.
Hans Reiff 55 confirmed ?-2nd December 1944.
Herbert Bareuther c.55 confirmed 29th July 1914-30th April 1945.
Kurt Olsen 54 confirmed ?-survived.
Adalbert Sommer 54 confirmed(3 West, 1 viermot) 3rd December 1914-14th March 1944.
Ernst-Dietrich Grumme 54 confirmed(7 West, 5 viermots) 29th July 1922-14th July 1944.
Karl Friedrich Schumacher 53 confirmed 7th October 1920-31st May 1944.
Walter Jahnke 53 confirmed 1914-survived.
Andreas Sterl 52 confirmed ?-1998.
Heinrich Wefers 51 confirmed 14th April 1919-18th May 1943.
August Dilling 51 confirmed(4 West, 1 viermot) ?-14th June 1944.

I think that Hans Ellendt died in the late 1990's or early 2000's.

Thanks in advance.

Kind Regards


P.S if anybody wants the biographies and complete lists of any of the above please let me know.
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