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Re: SS. Samuel J.Tilden, December 2nd, 1943

Hello Patricia,
Many thanks for your information. It is of great help.
I am trying to assertain the names of all who were lost . The reason is that my interest is those US Airmen who were on board, also the British servicemen who were lost. Of all passengers, it would look like not all of the US Airmen on board were killed. Only reference to the British was that three were killed. Total British on board would also be a great find.
Sadly I am not an author so no book from me but I could not agree more, the story of this loss should be made known as it looks like a bit of a "fowl up" by all accounts
Thank you for contacting me, Your help is much appreciated.

For some reason,unknown to me I was unable to respond to your private message, so posted my reply here.
Again my thanks.
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