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Re: Taffy 1 & Taffy 2 at Samar: which types of planes did they carry?


Sangamon (CVE-26), flagship of CarDiv 22 in Taffy 1, records 22 F6F and 9 TBM in the ship's action report covering the period 12 27 October 1944. The embarked air group, VC-37, lists TBM-1c model Avenger in their aircraft action reports covering this same period. The F6Fs were almost certainly -3s, as they were in sister ship USS Suwannee at this time.

Flagship of Taffy 2, USS Natoma Bay (CVE-62), embarked VC-81. Their action reports indicate FM-2 Wildcats and TBM-1c Avengers during October 1944. It's safe to assume the ratio was also something along the lines of 2/3 fighters and 1/3 TBMs.

FM-2 were much more prevalent than F6F for fighters. Sangamon and the others of its class had a more accommodating flight deck than the Casablanca-class escort carriers.

I am not sure about the following source, but this site has a breakout of CVE aircraft markings.

Hope that's helpful.

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