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Re: Soviet Hurricanes - where, when, ...?

Interesting how you always try to accuse Russians of ignorance. I suppose here the perennial loathe towards Russians that some Polish people have in their minds and nothing else.

NBE1942, I do not know how old are you but your last claims is quite strange (?!). There was in offical Polish WW II history (state's level, period 1948-1990) such a "code/mode" of presenting the facts about GWP and - "nothing" between. Probably you are to young (you as a boy or girl) to undrestand, what was the censorship and how big influence had Soviet Union on on other states before 1989/90. For small example: there was several books in Poland about WW II history, which were destroyed after political intervention of Soviet ambassy in 70-ties. The books such terrible special, was even written by our party members (PZPR).

It was general policy of censorship for many not good (true, obiective information) about Soviet-Russian in WW II history and not only. It was such doctrine in whole ex-Soviet block. This policy was also in Soviet Union (compare the books from Chruszczev era and Brezniev one, or later).
So your last claims shows, that you are very young and do not undrestand this part of very modern history (1945-89). It is your problem and lack of knowledge about delibertate creation of history WW II.

So it was not any kind of ignorance, but deliberate long-term policy of censorship, introduced in whole ex-Soviet block like Poland from 40-ties.
Probably (you are to young) and belive, that in Soviet Union or other ex-Soviet block were a freedom of speech or not censored books, not censored magazines, TV ect. Mihail Gorbachow (probably his name is unknown for you too) had introduced the glasnost policy (in 80-ies), which was first step of breaking the policy of total censorship in ex-Soviet block, including in Poland.
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