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Action in Endau 26 jan 1942...questions...

Hi, I have the following questions about the air action in Endau in the 26 of january of 1942, about the selection of weapons for the allied biplanes (Videbeests and Albacores) in the efforts of counterattack the japanese landing.

Normally the decision about the use of bombs and not torpedoes are normally attributed to Vide Air Marshall Pulford, by example, in "Singapore, The chain of Disaster" of the general Woodurn Kirby, in the page 210 it its said that :

'' Pulford organized a force of nine Hudsons and twelve Videbeeste, escorted by twenty-three fighters, to attack the convoy in the early afternoon, but, since was thought that the water off Endau was too shallow for the use off torpedoes, the Vildebeest were armed with 250 pound bombs.''

The questions are :

1.- Really the waters off Endau are too shallow for torpedoes? more than Taranto?

2.- Was Pulford who gave the last word with respect to the use of bombs insead of torpedoes?

Thanks in advance to any reply
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