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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

Hi Bronc,

First of all you need to start with Members List; and check ages if indicated.
Most of us did start during the sixties when 12 or 14; reading "true stories" wrote by Galland, Rudel and consors. We did start, too, being modellers waiting/(hoping) to be pilot...

In the mean time Books started to be written but, with time, it appears that they weren't that accurate ...
So, a lot of members did start looking for archivs, to meet pilots etc... To search for new pictures and so on...
To make lists, to compile datas, to correct old stories, to rewrite what they wrote, to add details, to make profiles for themself and for other modellers and so on ...

Last week, an enthomologist did discover a new insect photographied in Borneo Island (or kind of) and made contact with the photographer. Through Flickr! he was able to confirm it was a new, non described, specie.

We do the same through eBay, through veteran sites, personnal blogs
through family album put in line by ex luftwaffe sons & grandsons.
Some are looking for familiars history...

Let's say many here are historians, writters, designer and or just amateurs. We are archeologists and, at least, one is a true archeologist.
Some are divers looking for wrecks. Others are researching wrecks in fields...

What else?

Yes, it's a world wide community!

You're question matches with thoughts I had couple of days ago. What happens here deserve to have a reportage on TV!!!

This is my little contribution to your question. I'm sure many are able to do better than I did.

Helpful? Cheers, Franck.

PS: And it's a friendly community!.. Well... normally .
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