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Re: Small B17 bomb bay and bomb load

Just to note, left out of the equation were two items, first, the B-17 was almost a full generation older (in aircraft terms, first flight july 1935 IIRC!) of all the other bombers mentioned, except the He 111. Second, IIRC, the specified bombing missions for which it was designed, IIRC, were actually for long range unescorted anti-naval missions. Foreign based launching points for targets like Germany were not really contemplated by many in the USA when the specifications were set in 1934. That being said, I have seen references indicating the US B-24s were regularly operated at well past maximum gross design weights. I can only wonder if the same applied to B-17s. I also know the exceeding gross missions was also true (first hand accounts by very credible pilots) of US transports.

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