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Re: ZG or JG53 victory, 31 May 1940.

Hi Martin

This Rapid was the former G-AFSO which was impresed by RAF in October 1940. Acording to all my second hand sources the aircraft made a forced landing near Aneuil in France on May 31st. No reason is given anywhere of the reason for this forced landing but the general idea writing it that way is some kind of technical reason rather than enemy interference. It is also said the aicraft was destroyed by fire due to enemy ground troops (one source specifically mention artillery fire!)

What in your sources make you say the force landing was due to enemy aircraft attack? The claim of Oschenkuhn is listed by Prien in his Jagdfliegerverbände series.

All these losses of non-combat aircraft interest me, so I would very much like to know more from your sources.

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