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Re: JG 54 Victories against the US 8th Air Force

Sources are mostly the 8th & 9th losses volumes and Joe Baugher's website combined with Tony Wood's claims list.

13.6.43 (Continued)
Hans Herrmann and Albert Erte both appear to have claimed B-17F-5-BO Flying Fortress 42-3107/AW- "Miss Carriage" of 337th BS, 96th BG. 2/Lt. Robert M Webster and one other POW, remaining 8 crewmen all KIA

Eugen-Ludwig Zweigart shot down B-17F-90-BO Flying Fortress 42-30165/FR-E of 524th BS, 379th BG. Pilot named Hartman 2 KIA and 8 POW

Rudolf Patzak shot down B-17F-50-DL 42-3345 "Paper Doll" of 338th BS, 96th BG. Crew all POW

Hans Wulfers shot down P-47D-1-RE 42-7887/LM-J of 62nd FS, 56th FG. Lt. Robert J Steele POW (came down Zandvoort) and appears to have damaged another which made it back to base.

Siegfried Schnell shot down P-47C-2-RE 41-6248/WD- of 335th FS, 4th FG. Lt. Frederick D Merritt KIA. This one may also have been claimed by Rolf Hermichen.

Siegfried Schnell claimed a P-47. Seems to be overclaiming. No P-47 missions flown this date, nor RAF sorties at this time

Rudolf Klemm likely shot down B-17F-70-BO Flying Fortress 42-29778/LG-M of 322nd BS, 91st BG. 2/Lt. Alexander W Stewart and 5 others KIA, remaining 4 crewmen all POW.
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