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JFV Teil 7 11/JG26 crash in audembert

Hi Mr Prien. We at Sola aviation museum are tying to solve the history of our BF109 G1 WNr 14055 airframe history. Seems to be wery short if the information In Teil 7 page 415 - 418 are not to be corrected with new information. You are the only one listing 14055 with JG26, are this information from a KTB?. Regarding the text for 30.7 42 on page 415, there are only one loss mentioned. One page 418 2 losses are listed. Should page 415 sound like
eine maschine durch notlandung infolge motorstorung verloren (14055). And eine mashine durch absturz infolge luftkamp verloren, flugzeug furer mit der fallschirm retten (14048)

Ernst Knutson
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