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Re: Any allied claim on 13/12/41 at 18.15 near Morlaix ?


Unless we do have the take-off time and crash time to compare, we can not discard the possibility of enemy action.

The take-off time would give us an idea if he tried to return or took any emergency action or not.

My own guess, from reading a similar crash accident from KGr 100, is that the crew faced the most feared emergency a pilot can have: engine failure just after take-off, just after the boundaries of the airdrome. I do remember what was the minimum single-engine control speed for the Heinkel He 111 fully loaded...guess around 200-215 km/h. IF he was still around 200-300 feet, there would be no room to try to clean up the machine and gain speed...and I do not know by heart the geography of the terrain in question. Was there woods at that time around, like near Vannes-Meucon (KGr 100 airfield)? If so, the risk management and chances of survival were not to great...I do not understand why the LW choose Vannes-Meucon for KGr 100, for instance...not fully operational, there were woods around, not sufficient room to accomodate in hangars all machines, etc....quite a mess of an airfield for a specialized unit....what about Morlaix??

A Heinkel He 111 Flight Manual would give us the actions needed (by the crew) to keep that machine flying to a nearest suitable airfield or to avoid, eventually spinning. Do you know if the machine hit the ground inverted or in a nose down position or in level flight? IT certainly burned a lot, if just after take-off with the full fuel load + cargo on board...The He 111 flight manual would also give us an idea of the minimum single engine control speed (blue line)...From what you PM me, I believe they were above the maximum gross weight...just a guess....

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