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Re: ww2 crash cases exhibiton in Dubrovnik

hi all
Underwater B 24 unconfirmed is actually only mystery.

On report from Independent state of Croatia, "on 4th of July it is written, 1 B-24 on that date was shot by antiaircraft fire, 12 crew ejected and were taken prisoners, B-24 went down in bay of Mlini."

No aircraft were ever found in bay (depth 30- 40meters) but, old people in Cavtat are saying that during ww2 aircraft crashed behind island of Bobara, island that is border island in that same bay. I found by now 4 people who are saying the same story, however they don't remember the parachutes.

Also, locals on at least 3 occasions during fishing behind the island pulled up some unidentified metal part. They threw them back, that was before I started my research (pity).
Depth in that area is 100 plus meters, so diving is only doable by professionals.
However I don't have the right location as well.
On 4th of July there was no B-24 lost in this area, but one 3rd of July 1944 B-24 was lost in area of Dubrovnik. MACR 6378. Two crew members evaded capture and 8 were captured near villages of Trebinje in Bosnia (now day). Border and those villages are very close to Dubrovnik area.

So my assumption is that crew bail out over Trebinje and aircraft kept flying and loosing altitude until it crashed behind island. Maybe I am totally wrong.
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