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Presidential Powers ?

What powers does the president of the USA have and what extra powers does he have to enact further powers if the US goes to war in the middle east or Korea just before the 2020 election ?
Would the election take place or would it be put on hold until after the conflict ends ?
If held over how possible is it that the President could enact laws that would make him President for life as the ruler of China has done ?
The first Dictator to utter the words I will drain the swamp" was Mussolini shortly after taking power in the 1930's.
The present President of the USA it seems, admires Dictator's . He would give up America to anyone to become the President for Life Dictator of the USA.
So let's pray that he does not start any war's in the near future - it may be the last war ever on the planet but no-one will survive it once those nuclear weapons strike .
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