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Re: Markings + codes of Bf 109 + Legion Condor

Many, thanks for your kind words, and I appreciate you sharing your information... you are of course right, "never" is a strong word when dealing with such a topic as the 109. I had heard that the Schwarz props might have been license produced, but was not certain... your info seems to confirm this, so thanks for that. As regards the C models, yes, I based that on not just Laureau's info, but that of Mombeek as well- truly, the only way to identify a C model in photos is if the cowling is off, so unless a delivery record, further photos, or a logbook showing C model codes is found, it seems we only have educated opinions to go on. The whole affair with the early 109s in Spain is quite maddening to me, as there is so much uncertainty surrounding so few aircraft... the one thing of which I am absolutely certain is that my work is not the last word on the topic! I wanted to at least present a fresh look at these aircraft based on photos and what I considered reliable sources... if it helps foster further research and we uncover the "real" story, I will be very glad indeed.

Thanks again-

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