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Re: La Lehrgeschwader 1 , l`Escadre au Griffon Tome 1

My interest in Lehrgeschwaders 1 goes back to May 13, 1944 when Joachim Helbig and his Flyers bombed the American air base at Alesani, Corsica.

My father was on the ground as the Helbig Flyers hammered the field for a full hour and a half.

Peter Taghon collected first-person accounts of the raid as the German crews saw it.

For those who do not read German, I have translated the pages from Mr. Taghon's book related to the duel raids on Borgo-Poretta and Alesani.

They can be found here:

Dan Setzer
Son of Sgt. Hymie Setzer, 340th BG HQ
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