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Re: In General, What is Everyone Doing?

No, I'm not an expert - and what I do ? My interest in the Luftwaffe starts in my youth with the words of my father and what he told me about the Luftwaffe, a handfull of his pictures, a Josef Priller-book and a letter of his comrade. To find out the lost things about his military carrer was the cause to seek in forums like this for some help. So it became more and more information with the help of many great and adorable people, experts. With their, your help I found out nearly his complete military carrer and thatīs not all - Ive found a lot of Luftwaffe knowledge, I've found a lot of int. friends here, the most important thing.
I would say that the history of Luftwaffe is sometimes like a giant puzzle and it's a great fun to share with others this puzzle. That's why I'm here - I can learn and it is a great pleasure to be here, even that I'm not an expert.

Best regards - Rainer
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