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Re: New Luftwaffe Books: 2014-05-01

Originally Posted by Stig Jarlevik View Post
Thanks Leon

Yes, I have the two obvious books, by Dabrowski (the big one...) and Roba but also some of the more general books you mention.
Which one did you buy, the German or bi-lingual edition?
Anyway I am interested if you are able to evaluate the text in the copy you bought. I am not saying I am not interested in photos of the types, but due to its size (they must have been the Luftwaffe's biggest massproduced aircraft), photos are usually quite indifferent since no one really grasped how to photograph such a big "bird".

Thanks for the pointer, but it did not give me any new details really.
BTW any connection to Eric Blair?


You're welcome Stig. No direct connection but he did start me on the path to studying the SCW. After looking at the pages, I think I'll follow your lead and wait for Leon's review as the sample pages didn't give a flavor of the text.
Cheers and thanks in advance to Leon for his review.
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