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Re: List of DB 605A engine construction numbers?

Thank you Matti for sharing! This data is gold for me
Most of my data was taken from Crashed enemy aircraft reports and similar documents which contain the DB605 serial number and producer code of the engine. When the compiled data started to grow I could cross reference the information and noticed a pattern in the first digits of the engine's serial number which correlate to the engine producer and later also to the engine subtype. This pattern can also be found within the DB601 serial numbers.

@Dénes, the recovered DB605 from the photo above is an A-1 produced by Henschel-Flugmotorenbau GmbH, Kassel (code hsr). The WNr. fits nicely between two other engines that were delivered from Bulgaria to Yugoslavia postwar.

@Schwarze-man, I don't have any total numbers on the Hungarian DB605 production, but I can tell you that a have only a few serial numbers from their production recorded, so I guess your numbers could be correct.
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