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Allied Claims 4 Aug 44

A Do 217 of 7./KG 100 was reported being shot down by a night fighter south of Granville at 2330hrs on the above date. I can see no claim for a Do 217 at that time that night but the night before, Flt Lt R J Foster of 604 Sqn claimed at Do 217 within 5 miles of Granville at 2315hrs. This crash was confirmed by Maj Lewis and Capt Hart of 6th LAA Regt 8 miles south of Granville between 2325 and 2330hrs. K Report and German records say 4 Aug 44. A Do 217 of 8./KG 100 flown by Uffz August Stolzenberg was lost 3 Aug 44 attacking Avranches. Any thoughts?
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