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Re: Lt Richard "Spider" Smith - P-51 bail out - 1 April 1945

Serial number of " Easy Does It" was 44-13557. This a/c was involved in a ground accident in December '44.
Photo's in "Fighting Scouts of the 8th Air Force" would suggest that the a/c was not a write off. It was in a ground collision with Wheless's a/c 44-13709 " Francis Anne " and chewed its tail off. Smith's a/c seems only to have had propeller damage (?). Following repairs it was transferred to the 352nd FG. From "Blue Nosed Bastards of Bodney" it looks like 44-14812 ( earlier "HO-S" ) was "HO-T" until around 03/18/45. Then 44-13557 ahortly after that date became "HO-T".

Later in 1945 Smith bailed from his burning a/c, serial number unknown . Does not look like it could have been 44-15617, it being lost on the 26th March 45..

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