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Books FS - WWII Luftwaffe Stuff

All are $5 each unless noted...

Patrick Stephens Limited

Fighters Defending the Reich by Bryan Philpott (ISBN 1-85260-156-6) - $10

Osprey/Aircam Airwar Series

#4 Luftwaffe Ground Attack Units by Martin Pegg (ISBN 0-89402-013-7)
#6 Luftwaffe Fighter Units, Europe 1939-41 by Jerry Scutts (ISBN 0-89402-019-6)
#11 Luftwaffe Fighter Units, Russia 1941-45 by Christopher Shores (ISBN 0-89402-029-3)
#15 Luftwaffe Bomber Units 1939-41 by Jerry Scutts (ISBN 0-85045-279-1)
#20 Luftwaffe Fighter Units, Mediterranean 1941-44 by Christopher Shores (ISBN 0-85045-294-5)
#24 `Luftwaffe Fighter Units, Europe 1942-45 by Christopher Shores (ISBN 0-85045-298-8 )


Luftwaffe Profile Series #1 Me 262 by Manfred Griehl (ISBN 0-88740-820-6)
Luftwaffe Profile Series #2 Bf 109G/K by Manfred Griehl (ISBN 0-88740-818-4)
Messerschmitt Bf 109 Vol.2 by Fritz X. Zobel & Jakob Maria Mathmann (ISBN 0-88740-919-9)
Messerschmitt Me 262 Vol.II by Manfred Griehl (ISBN0-88740-410-3)
Ju 88 Over All Fronts by Joachim Stein (ISBN 3-7909-0064-8 )
Natter Bachem Ba 349 & Other German Rocket Fighter Projects by Joachim Dressel (ISBN 0-88740-682-3)
Heinkel He 162 'Volksjäger' by Heinz J. Nowarra (ISBN 0-88740-478-2)


Messerschmitt Me 262 by Miroslav Balous & Jiri Rajlich (ISBN 80-901263-7-5)

AJ Press

Monografie Lotnicze #4 Junkers Ju 88 (Polish text) by Janusz Ledwoch
Monografie Lotnicze #12 Heinkel He 111 (Polish text) by Robert Michulec

I'd prefer CONUS but will consider Canada, overseas etc.

Sorry, no PayPal or checks

Accepting US Postal Money Orders or cash in USD (cash is at your own risk)

If interested, shoot me a PM...


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