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Re: Oblt. Wolfgang Ernst

Here is what we have in our files concerning this fellow:

ERNST, Wolfgang.
(DOB: 01.05.22).
12.12.42 Lt., appt Staka 9./JG 77 (to 06.44).
12.04.43 Lt., awarded Ehrenpokal.
01.07.43 promo to Oblt.
17.10.43 Oblt., awarded DKG, III./JG 77.
01.06.44 Oblt., Staka 9./JG 77, appt Staka 4./JG 1 (to 06.07.44 WIA).
01.08.44 promo to Hptm. Hptm., Staka 7./JG 52.
01.45 Hptm., appt acting Kdr. I./JG 53 (to 02.45).
02.45 trf to Stab III./JG 53.
04.45 Hptm., appt acting Kdr. III./JG 53 (to 02.05.45).

I am sure that others can list his claims and other details.

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