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I am afraid we are going off topic, so perhaps you can edit the thread to a separate topic?

The late P-47s and P-38 matched or surpassed the P-51 in certain areas, but the overall sum clearly points towards the P-51.
What areas? Certainly Thunderbolt was superior to Mustang as a ground attack aircraft but I think we do not discuss that role. RAF rejected T-bolt as an escort aircraft and send it overseas instead. Having in mind L-L terms I do not think that price was a decisive factor for Britons.

However IMHO it was the P-47 which took on the brunt of the Luftwaffe and broke its back, the P-51 got the leftovers. The numbers game might show something different, but in 1943 the quality and quantity was more or less equal between the opponents, the same can not be said of 1944.
Well, there were two breaking points on ETO - the Big Week and Normandy. Neither of them can be considered a pure T-bolt show.
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