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I didn't miss out on the doctrine.

Said doctrine was impossible to implement without the numbers required to do so, something that only came to be in late 1943 at best. Lets assume that we are all aware of the same variables and developments.

Only in 1943 do we find a matching pair fighting for supremacy, technology, numbers and quality are roughly even between the Jagdwaffe and the USAAF.

This changes in the winter of 1943/44, you might attribute many factors, ranging from new allied types to new allied tactics to simply overwhelming numbers.

Again, I see these variables like any other enthusiast in our field however, and I am guilty of not attempting to quantify my take of events, it is 1943 that essentially forms the main attritional stage in the Battle over the Reich. It is 1943 that the Jagdwaffe loses air superiority and its essentially the Thunderbolt that does the hard work in gaining said superiority.

Certainly 800 Mustangs could do the work better than 600 Thunderbolts, but that's a mute point.

Again, look at the force disposition during Big Week.

Bottom line, as you indirectly mention, if it wasn't about the aircraft but the men and their aggressive tactics (not to forget numbers) etc, the Mustang did not really make the difference that's often attributed. The same work could have been done with Thunderbolts.

But now I am starting to argue for the sake of argument, so I'll leave it at that. Must be careful not to step outside the lines as a moderator.
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