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Strange case of Walter Dahl

Hi guys

This pilot is a little obscure, however I have just received Leistungsbuch for his 1945 claims(well mostly) We are always told 128 or 129 victories. The Leistungsbuch states 133, however thirteen of these were not confirmed, we must accept I guess that those for 1945 met the required standards, witnesses are listed in each case.
If this document is genuine then Dahl had at least twenty-eight confirmed "viermot" making him the top pilot in this field, also forty-nine in 1945 also a record.
As I say witnesses are listed, these are Walter Loos, Werner Bohnenkampe(both of JG300) and a certain Meyer, who is unknown to me!
The curious thing is that Dahl alternates between flying the Fw190 and Me262, he indicates which was used for each claim. He was I understand flying the Me262 with III./EJG2, but I think that he just turned-up at either III./EJG2 or Stab./JG300 depending on what type he wished to use. Now I understand that Loos at this time was flying with JG301, yet Dahl states Stab./G.D, this is also the case in my Ritterkreuzträger book. Question is that even if Loos, Bohnenkampe and perhaps Meyer were flying with JG300 or Stab./G.D how did they witness Dahl's claims whilst flying the Me262? I can find no link to these pilots and the Me262, don't think they could keep-up with a Me262 if flying the Fw190. Loos's April 1945 claims are matching Dahl's.

Whereas Dahl's status probably allowed him the privilege of just turning-up for an aircraft, and commandeering Loos,Bohnenkampe and Meyer, which unit to I attribute these claims to. Galland once turned-up for an aircraft just to see what his pilots were up against attacking the USAAF heavies in 1943.

Kind Regards

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