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Re: Moelders vs Galland vs Wick


same source
1 I-16 from a Spanish squadron. Pilot was killed.
This is very puzzling. According to Soviet sources Moelders attacked alone the entire no.7 squadron of I-16s and he managed to shoot down 3-4 (!) I-16s. Reason of this debacle was that they were all young and inexperienced pilots. Lost aircraft were marked with following numbers: SM-125, SM-154, SM-178 and SM-192. One pilot was killed - Jaime Sau Colom, one was posted MIA and another was wounded. The last pilot - Spanish guy named Aresti - landed at enemy airfield - he stated that it was his first air combat and he became lost.
Most likely he attacked a formation of 6 SB-2 bombers. Between 09.40 and 11.00 hrs the bombers were in action and were attacked by 3 Bf109s. Four out of six bomber`s machine-guns jammed. Before the bombers could be helped by the fighters all three SB-2s of leading section were shot up (totally 100 bullet holes were found). 2 SB-2s were forced down at forward airfields and one of them must be belly-landed. 1 observer was wounded in leg and 1 air gunner in hand.

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