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Re: Peter Duttmann 13,11.44 claims

Found Peter Düttmann's claims even less reliable than Hartmann's. (Not judging the cause, just telling the conclusion.) His 3 claims on November 13, 1944 (2 Yak-11s in the Tápiószőllős area and an IL-2 in the Jászberény area) seem to be 100% overclaim.

There were only 2 Yak losses in the morning on November 13, 1944 in the 5th Air Army, lost in dogfights:

One was a Yak-3 (wrongly called Yak-11?) near Ócsa at 10:41 Moscow time - 08:41 local at the altitude of 3500 m. (from 5 VA, 13 GvIAD, 'red nose' 150 GvIAP, Yak-3, S/N: 3518, engine: 422-174, pilot: Gv.1Lt. Nikolai Alexeevich Kireev bailed out, wounded, sent to hospital.) 6 Yak-3 vs. 13 Me 109. A pair of Me 109s downed him. Time difference: ~20 mins., distance diff.: ~50-60 km from Düttmann's claims.

The other Yak (Yak-9D, S/N: 1815358) was lost around 11:54AM local time, so here I don't even go in the details. Same with the IL-2.

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