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Re: Peter Duttmann 13,11.44 claims

Nick, you are welcome. Certainly we are working on it. Unfortunately my book (2013): 'Bostons in the Hungarian Sky and Soil' is not available now, but more and more publications are available based on our research and recoveries. One of our recovery project was IL-2 No.18842110 of 210 ShAP, which was downed by German flak on March 14, 1945 near Seregélyes, Hungary. Part of the engine block was recovered with partial No.58 on it. This was the hint that helped to identify the plane. We went through all of the soviet IL-2 MACRs for March, 1945 when the battles took place in the area and only 2 were found, where the AM-38F engine serial ended '58'. Plane S/N: 18842110 with engine №2510758 here, the other one far away from this site. This positively identified the plane of the Lev Constantinovich Vorobiev pilot (KIA) and Ivan Parfentevich Subbotin gunner (POW) crew which was downed here in IL-2, tail no.'30' on March 14, 1945 by German flak. For the recovery our Russian researcher friends came from Russia and even the Russian TV made a short documentary as well. The family of Vorobiev was contacted and a late, old relative of him visited the site. Placed flowers and received some recovered belongings of the killed pilot, who was missing for almost 70 years...
So our museum has a huge database of Soviet MACRs we use to identify recovered planes mainly by their engine serial - just like here. Service history of IL-2 No.18842110:

June 17, 1944: engine No.2510758 built at Factory No.24, shipped to Factory 18 in Kuybishev
July 7, 1944: IL-2 No.18842110 is finished with engine No.2510758 in Factory No.18
September 6, 1944: 18 UTAP hands over the plane to 17 VA, 136 ShAD, 210 ShAP
November 19, 1944: plane is being repaired in Szeged, Hungary
February 28, 1945: 210 ShAP hands over the plane to 17 VA, 136 ShAD, 715 ShAP
March 10, 1945: plane returns to 210 ShAP from 715 ShAP
March 14, 1945: plane is lost with the Vorobiev (KIA) - Subbotin (POW) crew at Seregélyes-SW, Hungary.

But speaking of March 14, 1945 and Düttmann in this thread, I should mention that in the same area we also recovered one of Düttmann's REAL victims, a soviet A-20G 'Boston' bomber of 17 VA, 244 BAD, 861 BAP (Bomb Group) that Düttmann downed on March 14, 1945. The plane exploded in mid-air and covered the fields at Seregélyes-W, near Pálinkaházpuszta. Plane was A-20G-40-DO 'Boston', S/N: 43-21519 and was built at Santa Monica, Calif., U.S.A. on March 18, 1944.

According to the soviet documents the lost crew of A-20G, S/N: 43-21519 (R-2600-23 engines: 105954, 105698) was:

2Lt. Vladimir Nikolaevich Bahvalov pilot (KIA)
2Lt. Petr Konstantinovich Maiorov bombardier (KIA)
Sgt. Pavel Mikhailovich Zolotov radioman-gunner (KIA)
Sgt. Ivan Fodorovich Solianik gunner (KIA)

See the recovered small dataplate, that positively identified the crew as Düttmann's victim on March 14, 1945. So his 3 claims on November 13, 1944 were all overclaims, but his Boston claim on March 14, 1945 was a real victory.


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