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Originally Posted by Skyraider3D View Post
Joe, "3 downed, 1 while taking off" indeed sounds to me that of those 3 that were shot down, one of them was caught during take off. "2 burned" indeed sounds like strafing victims and "1 written off" probably came back after combat with too much combat damage, or was damaged in an accident, or was strafed to such an extend it wasn't worth repairing.
損失:雷電6機[被墜3/離陸時1/大破1/炎上2] 零戦1機[大破]
"loss: Raiden 6 machine [downed 3/ when taking off 1/ wrecked* 1, destruction by fire 2] Zero-sen 1 machine [wrecked]"

*babelfish translates 'wreck' to 大破 giving 'ruin' in the other direction for Japanese. Those Chinese characters are literally 'great destruction', but same word in Korean also means wreck, as in say a ship washed ashore or a totalled car. I'm rendering it 'write off', just keep in mind it may have had some slightly different precise meaning in JNAF terminology.

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