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'Beuteflugzeuge' by Jean-Louis Roba

Recently a very nice little French language book was published by Editions De Krijger, in Belgium: 'Beuteflugzeuge' Les appareils étrangers au sein de la Luftwaffe (1938-1945), by Jean-Louis Roba.

I found only one location on the net presenting the book (including the cover):

The book - which was kindly sent to me by the author as a courtesy copy, contains 96 pages in A5 format - each page featuring an average two photos of non-German airplanes in Luftwaffe service, or captured by German troops.

Although we've already seen quite a few of the photos in various publications, many of them are unknown to me.
A short introduction gives an overview of the airplanes found in every country overrun by the German Army, or allied to the IIIrd Reich.

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