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Re: Tinian Divert Airfield

This is likely my fault for not providing more data this topic related to Tinian Divert Airfield a major undertaking as an alternate support field to Anderson AFB, Guam. Here is a little more background, perhaps it will help with the broader picture of this development.

All in all this is a good development for the Tinian economy which has been in trouble since the closure of the "troubled" Tinian Dynasty Hotel & Casino. It seems tax fraud is a crime after-all.

However, back on topic this is a major expansion to the existing Tinian International Airport where West Field once existed (more or less). The intent here it seems is to provide a clear historical link to the WW II activities at West Field that might otherwise be compromised by this new development. Please be reminded that virtually nothing (structurally) of the WW II West Field remains today and that it seems is the point here to designate points with perhaps historical markers to not forget the contribution, sacrifice and historical value of those who served at this field with the 58th Bomb Wing. Edit: Including USMC units who captured the island as well as the Naval Construction Battalion who provided the infrastructure to make West Field operational.
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