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Re: Tinian Divert Airfield

First, my apologies for the dead links in my earlier post. I attempted to remove them but the powers to be here at TOCH have limited my edit window to 48 hours so I am powerless to remove or alter those faulty/dead links; sorry for your inconvenience clicking on them.

Further information was gained on this Tinian Divert Airfield expansion of the existing Tinian International Airport. A rather deceiving airport title since flights to and from Tinian only originate/depart from Saipan or Guam where connections can be made to Asian airports with international connections.

According to Don Farrell, Tinian resident historian in resent communication there is currently only one (1) memorial marker involved, dedicated to the 58th Bomb Wing located at the existing Tinian airport passenger terminal. There is also a memorial marker to the 107th Naval Construction Battalion (NCB) located at the intersection of 8th Ave and 86th Street (see attached) but this seems north of the projected Divert Airfield expansion project.

As such this Interpretive Plan (input request) may actually provided to the public more historical WW II information for both the USAAF, USN and USMC related to this site.

I have added some documents here that may help understand the back story of West Field and the future. If you are interested in any of these attachments please capture them ASAP. Given the individual member data limits established by this TOCH forum these documents/attachments could be removed without notice to make room for new attachments in new posts/threads.
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