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Last Do 24s from Aviolanda/Fokker and SNCAN

The Dornier 24 was license-manufactured both from the flying-boat-specialists Aviolanda/Fokker at Papendrecht/Amsterdam and from SNCAN at Sartrouvile.
In my lists the last Do 24 from Amsterdam is WerkNr 3435 VH+JM, delivered in summer '44, and from Sartrouville WerkNr 1152 BJ+FP (SNCAN-internal WNr 52), completed in June '44. Further 120+ flying boats were planned for use with Seenotdienst until Sep'45 from which 40 were finally built for the French Aéronavale.
Both facories were overrun by the Allies in 1944.
Can somebody share some light
1) which Do 24s or semi-finished FBs were found at Sartrouville or the Netherlands respectively?
2) which last Do 24s found their way to the German Seenotdienst
3) why didn´t Fokker continue with producing the Do 24? Certainly there was need for it in (still) Dutch Eastindia
4) How was it possible that several Do 24s in Australia, Great Britain and Sweden had to be scrapped "because of lack of spares"? Was the pressure of manufacturers of the Catalina and other allied FBs too big and too many out-of-service FBs available on the market after VE- and VJ-day?

Thanks in advance for any clarification

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