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Re: Jagdfliegerverbande 12/I?

No, JFV 12/I will definitely not come out this year and we're working hard to make it available by early March 2012; I'm still in the progress of up-dating and correcting the manuscript, which is complete for JG 3 and parts of JG 51 while still pending for JG 5. So if everything keeps on going like it did so far, the manuscript may finally be delivered to the printer end of January / early February and from experience it takes about one month from that point to the release of the new volume. While this is going on, JFV 12/I is in the making with roughly a third of JG 52 being completed. We're aiming at a release of this at the end of 2012.

So, I have to ask you all to bear with us regarding the time it takes to turn out something decent.


Jochen Prien
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