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11.04.1944 Bay of Biscay battle ZG1 vs. RAS 151 sqn 248 sqn

Gentlemen !

(sorry: in title RAF instead RAS)
On 11.04.1944 there were 2 battles of Ju88 of ZG1 versus Mosquitos
of RAF 151 sqn and 248 over bay of Biscay.

Can sombody identify an "american navigator" among the
Mosquito RAF crews?

According to one 151 Sqn Website at that point in time
the 151 sqn crews were:

"A" Flight
Section 1
S/Ldr Harrison & F/O Horrex
F/O Turner & F/O Partridge
F/O Kneath & F/Lt Thompson
F/Sgt Oddie & Sgt Milne
Section 2
F/Lt Stevens & F/O Aldridge
F/O Purniss & F/O Ferguson
Lt Cramp & Lt Jaffray
T/Sgt Clouch & Sgt Tickle
Section 3
F/Lt Handley & Capt Bray
P/O Kemp & F/Sgt Maidment
F/Sgt Heath & P/O Cottrill
Sgt Tucker & Sgt Smith

"B" Flight
Section 1
S/Ldr Cooke & P/O Hill
P/O Hutchinson & F/Sgt Porter
F/O Bryant & F/O Battle
F/Sgt Birch & Sgt Stevenson
Section 2
F/Lt Ellacombe & F/O Peal
F/Sgt Playford & F/Sgt Kelsey
W/O Penman & F/Sgt Phillips
F/O Honeyman & F/Sgt Harding
Section 3
F/Lt Gregory & F/O Usher
F/Lt Morris & P/O Bolton
P/O Flight & P/O Mackins
F/Sgt Golding & F/Sgt Gibbs

bye, thank you kindly,

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