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Re: 11.04.1944 Bay of Biscay battle ZG1 vs. RAS 151 sqn 248 sqn


Thanks for providing that 151 Squadron Website with your posting!

Aside from this topic, the combat over the Bay of Biscay in spring 1944, I was surprised to find that 151 Squadron was heavily engaged in Daytime "Ranger" operations during July - August 1944.

Couple of years ago, an Australian website, covering RAAF operations and crews during WWII, had mentioned an SS Headquarters being attacked by 2 x Mosquitoes on 23 July 1944. Choret, France. One of the crews was F/O Harry Turner and F/O Mervyn Partridge.

Was unable to find out what squadron this was...but now I know that it was indeed 151 Squadron, which had been temporarily reequipped with FB VI's during this time.

Number of notable day operations mentioned in the website, including other pinpoint strikes against key targets in France, summer 1944.

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