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Re: 11.04.1944 Bay of Biscay battle ZG1 vs. RAS 151 sqn 248 sqn

Wing Commander Smith and AVM Basil Embry were one and the same, as that is the name he adopted when on operations.

Also, the body of P/O Kemp was wearing the ribbon of the 1939-1943 Star as he was shot down in early 1944 and it couldn't be a 1939-1945 Star as we had no idea when the war would end, and we wouldn't issue a 1945 medal in 1944!!

The 39-43 Star ribbon was issued in 1943, my late father received one, but no medal was issued to go with it until post-war, when the ribbon remained unchanged from the original 1943 version.

Allan Hillman
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