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Re: 14 Squadron "D" Flight's Vickers Vincent > later transferred to 45 Squadron (Nov.35)

Colonel Bruggy,

Your answers on this Forum are all (and always) well supportted and documented, with quotations from books, etc. THANK YOU.

I do humbly appreciated this additional information which is most welcomed and do add a lot for my own research. A famous Brazilian pilot flew both with 45 and 14 Squadron between 1935 and 1937 (or not remember by heart now).

I was in doubt about one serial number which I already identified, now thanks to the answers here, hence my questions about the K-series of the Vickers Vincents from 45 Squadron. The source and book about this Squadron is new for me and I will try to obtain a copy of it, thanks to your tips.

STIG: I guess I understood the "general idea"...Maybe the "Powers that Be" decided that since there were few operational Squadrons on the Area in question (Middle East), it was better to have several Flights equipped for different purposes with different machines, so each Squadron could do a greater variety of missions due to having several equipments available. For instance 14 Squadron was later equipped with the Wellesley which had a tremendous range, greater than the previous biplanes. Do not know....for me, the idea points that way.

In terms of Logistics and supplies, it seems rather silly to have such different machines under a same umbrella (Squadron), rather than to specialize with one single equipment...

Personally I do agree with Col. Bruggy about the "game of music - chairs" about swifting one Flight to one Squadron than to another, etc...It seems NO GOOD for the morale of the troop too...and maybe the mechanics were not fully trained to deal with those "incorporations" of new machines!?!?!

Thank you both, for helping me identifying the machine I was looking for!..and for adding new information about both 14 and 45 Squadrons.

Adriano S. Baumgartner
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