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Exclamation Soviet Hurricanes - where, when, ...?

The VVS got nearly 3.000 Hurries starting in late 1941.

I roughly assume the arrivals like this:
1941 = 250
1942 = 1500
1943 = 1000
Does anyone have better data?

Especially in 1942, the VVS needed (and used!) every combat A/C they got, so I think also all Hurries were pout into action. A lot was used (& lost) near Murmansk.

Some data from Luftwaffe claims:
- 261 altogether
- nearly all from JG77/JG5, means Murmansk
- 43 claims in June-September 1942 some by JG3 & JG52, means during the german summeroffensive in the South.

Now to my questions:
- Where were all these Hurricanes used?
- Which units?
- from when up to which date, to which extent, etc. pp.

That's it already
Liebe Grüsse, yogy
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